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MembershipDoctors offers simplified, cloud based membership and subscription management platform for your business, association or club.  We make membership and subscription management simple, affordable and easy.  Using our fully managed software platform, you will increase efficiency, save time and provide a better membership and subscription experience for your members.

Deployment is done is as little as 15 minutes.  Our platform is fully brand-able to your organization and we are available 24 x 7 to support you!  You can be adding members and subscribers in as little as 15 minutes.  

Throughout the day we are asked many questions as they pertain to memberships.  You may have these same questions and we will answer them below.  If you still have questions, just ask us!

  • Q.  Do I have to know programming or web site design to implement your platform into my web site.

    A.  You do not need to know any programing or web site design to be able to implement our platform.  It is all managed via a simple web browser with drag and drop functionality.  If you can use Word, you can use our platform with extreme ease.

  • Q.  I don’t know how to roll out my program to my customers.  Do you have advice in this regard?

    A.  Absolutely, all you have to do is ask.  Tell us what you are trying to achieve, any challenges or concerns and we are happy to offer you advice and guidance to ensure your success.

  • Q.  How am I paid or how do I get my money?

    A.  Following a client or member payment, funds are directly deposited to your bank account.  You don’t have to do anything to make that happen.  All of this is done automatically.

  • Q.  Do all businesses have the ability to integrate a subscription and membership model into their operations?

    A.  Nearly any business can implement a subscription and membership model into their business.   If they have a desire for repeat customers or increasing customer loyalty a subscription and membership program will create greater reoccurring revenues and increased consumption of your services.  If they have an association with members and there needs to be simplified management of those members and subscriptions.  Our platform is the answer to that.

  • Q.  Am I locked into a long term contract with MembershipDoctors?

    A.  You are not locked into any contracts with us.  We believe that if you are getting value from and it is providing value to your subscribers by our service, you will continue to use it.  If you are not getting value, we do not believe you should be locked into any long term commit for something that doesn’t work for you.  The service is month to month.

  • Q.  Where are you located?

    A.  We are located in Green Bay, WI.    Your data is stored in our very own datacenter located right here in Green Bay, WI as well.

  • Q.  If I have an an issue or an emergency, do you offer support?

    A.  Absolutely!  We have been in the datacenter business for almost 24 years.   24 x 7 support is nothing new to us.  We are here for you 24 x 7 x 365 for general support or emergencies that may arise.

  • Q. How long does this take to setup?

    A.  The platform is setup is available in about 15 minutes after your order is placed.   Then some simple tweaks to the interface to populate your plans and you are well on your way.

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