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What is a Membership and Subscription Program?

No matter what your business or organization does, there is likely a way to integrate a subscription and membership component to it.  Adding a subscription component to your business will lead to greater customer loyalty and greater customer spend within your organization or business.  These programs keep your customers engaged and give them the feeling of belonging.  You remove the barriers of your customers being able to consume your services – repeat customers / repeat buying.  Higher customer acquisition costs can be combatted by creating and retaining a loyal customer following.

Our Core Features

Simplified Membership and Subscription Management is a tremendous tool for your business, association or club.  We make membership and subscription management simple, affordable and easy.  We create a frictionless interface that allows you to manage your subscriptions and members with a minimal amount of effort.

  • Design your own memberships
  • Automated Member signup process
  • No Per Member Fees
  • Integrated Member Contact and Newsletter Interface
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Subscriptions
  • Automatic Payment and Renewals Processing
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  • Design Your Own Custom Plans
  • Create Custom Recurring Payment Plans
  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Staff/Admin Users
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Fully Branded to Your Organization
  • 24 x 7 US Based Support
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Customer Reviews

Successful Deployments… Just a Few of Many

Many different types of businesses and organizations use MembershipDoctors to simplify their membership programs.  Below are just a few examples of many of those successes.

HVAC Organization Success

Alpha Heating and Cooling needed a preventative maintenance program for their corporate clients as well as their home clients.   They chose the MembershipDocs platform for the ease of deployment as well as the full support and training to get it going for their business.  The adoption by customers has been significant leading to increased revenues and greater customer satisfaction.   The members are incentivized to schedule their preventative maintenance now leading to long term savings for them.  

Club Membership Easily Managed

A local womans club was managing their membership base with spreadsheets, pencil and paper.  The time spent managing enrollment and dues was immensely burdensome.  The club treasurer chose to use MembershipDocs to simplify their member management.  In addition to the ease of enrollment and ease of renewal payment processing, they utilize the newsletter function to simplify the communication process with their members.

Veterinarian Creates Preventative Care Plans

A Veterinarian decided to create an in-house preventative care plan for his 4 legged patient base.  They needed a way to enroll members, track and collect the recurring charges on a monthly and annual basis and develop many custom plans based on the breed type.    They chose MembershipDocs to facilitate this.   In doing so, the practice has realized a tremendous gain in not only the growth of the membership base but also the time savings in managing the program leading to increased productivity.

Why Choose MembershipDoctors

You have many choices when choosing a membership and subscription management platform.   Some are overly complex, some are insanely expensive and others are just inadequate.   We have been in the datacenter and data hosting business for 24 years.   You can trust in our longevity and trust in our expertise with your membership and subscription management service.   Check out a few of the benefits for you…

  • Simplest Platform for Membership Management
  • Simplest Platform for Subscription Management
  • Full Training Program – Online and Live
  • Fully Automated Renewals Management
  • 24 x 7 US Based Support
  • Fully Branded to Your Organization
  • Unlimited Fully Customizable Membership Plans
  • Unlimited Fully Customizable Subscription Plans
  • No Per Member or Per Subscriber Fees
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